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Inauthentic Cooking

Where the Words are Maybe Made Up, & The Food's What I Have on Hand

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Name:Inauthentic Cook
Location:United States of America
Hi! Welcome to Inauthentic Cooking. I like to cook, I'm only occasionally fancy, and my dairy allergy means all of these recipes are going to be Dairy Free. I work the night shift, so most of my cooking is done either on my weekends, or in the wee small hours of 'Should Have Thought This Through First,' as such, please expect an almost complete lack of precise detail, but plenty of enthusiasm.

Oh, and bad lighting. I can't reach the ceiling light in my kitchen, and it's out.

If you've found me through injudicious DW-Surfing, then welcome! I hope you enjoy my attempts to carve a little bit of sanity after dealing with WORKING ALONGSIDE the oh-so-charming public with baked goods and food I can take for my lunch.
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