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Let's face it, at this point in time the only person I'm actually speaking to is myself (Hi there! Man, I bet you wish you'd combed your hair better this morning.), but this is a handy dandy way to explain what's going on in this DW, and why I'm doing it in the first place. At the very least, it allows me to collect my thoughts.

Mostly, dear reader, I'm bored. I live in a small town, in a job where I spend a lot of time by myself, and see perhaps two or three people a day. At night. And then I go to bed. Yes, it's the lot of the lonely, and while I have no time for cooking before work, I do on my weekends, which is when I do the bulk of my week's meals. Or, to be honest, when I get home and then it's because I'm stress stir-frying again at eleven o'clock at night. Oh yes! I'm the Great Pretender of cooking, and this is where I'm going to talk about how I manage to feed my poor, lonely self all through the week.

Not that that's difficult, let's be real. ::grins:: It's just me, after all! I've only got the one mouth to feed, even if time isn't quite on my side (I have old songs in my head today, can you tell?) and when I'm tired and stressed I cook things to keep me busy and take my mind off it. I also write and/or read a ton.

Now, a few starting out points. I'm severely allergic to dairy (for the record, and to avoid having to do this a lot, eggs come from chickens. Chickens are not dairy. Free your mind!) and so some of the things I buy are more expensive than some of things others might purchase, simply because dairy products are relatively inexpensive and greatly available. It's also in every blasted thing, so I make some (a lot) of my stuff from scratch, when possible. When not possible (or I can't get to it, tiiiiiiiny rural town) I do without. As such, I tend to cook with oil, rather than butter, and mostly with soy products.

A word to the wise, I'm horrible with amounts. I'll try! But man, unless it's baking, I usually just ballpark it. Anyway, welcome world! I hope you enjoy my brain.
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